Boarding School

I’m in a boarding school and I’m having a great time with my room mates and I think that this is a one time experience. We get to live together and experience the chance to grow up together and create a family, at the boarding school we have all types of people who come from different parts of Italy.. We became a family and I think that that’s the best part of this journey because the friendships you make inside that building may last a long time if you take care of them.. Like in everything else in life.. In my room we’re six and we have the best time of the world together and I’m the smallest one in the room so they take care of me like a little sister.. We’re a small boarding school, meaning that counting also the boys we’re only 65 kids..but it’s better this way because we get to know everyone better.. I hope nothing changes because I have awesome friends here and at home and butterflies are starting to grow when I see a certain person.. I think I said enough for now..