A love can only last when you make last..

People think like this: “I want what I can’t have, but when I get it I don’t want it anymore..” It’s not fair for us, who are suffering because of your little games. I speak, I guess for my own experience that people are stupid, sure I may be only 15 but I grew up with adults so I’m more open minded, which here they think it’s weird.. Going back to the point, I gave him my everything and the way we close things is: “thanks for everything you did, goodbye, have a nice life” what the heck!! I may not want to be with you anymore but I still love you, I will always care for you.. What I’m I supposed to do? I’m a “writer” and I can’t even write a story because I’m always thinking “what if”.. I know one day I’ll met someone so will make me laugh harder, smile better, but until that day, what am I suppose to do? Sit around and wait!!!
I just found my new motto: “I’ve heard you’re a player, nice to met you, I’m the coach” hahaha nice eh
I want to know what am I doing here, I mean, why was I sent on earth? To suffer? What do I have to do with my life? Because I have no idea.. And there’s no one that is helping me find the right direction..