Everyone has a dream

Everyone has a dream of becoming someone important.. yeah.. sure it would be nice if we could be famous, rich, etc.. But for now we should be the way we are, don’t change anything, your perfect just the way you are.. We’re all special in our own way, and we can be happy with what we have.. Meaning the people that surrounds us not the materials we have.. People can’t buy happiness, or love, like we can’t buy people.. We are who we choose to be.. If you choose to be unhappy that’s your problem.. I
wanted to be a famous actress, and I know one day I’ll become one, but until that day arrives I’ll just have fun with my friends and family.. Life is short and we should live it to the maximum.. “Live everyday like if it wore the last day”
Don’t let anything stop you from becoming who you want to be, and if there’s a wall stopping you to get to your dream brake the wall don’t wait for it to fall by itself.. Because you could wait forever and forever doesn’t exist in real life..