I want to be happy you like it or not

I still have a little time, to think things through.. I want to be happy, to live life the way I want to, not the way other want. I always made everyone proud of what I was doing, but really I was doing what they wanted me to do, so now that I made my own choices they don’t like them because it’s not going as they wanted it. So what! If I like what I’m doing why can’t people be happy for me, I always made them happy even if it meant that I was unhappy.. So if they are unhappy now because of my choices it’s their fault not mine. “I have a life I have a choice and I choose to be happy even it they are unhappy; but this is my life and I want to live it this way!” For the first time in forever I’m happy and it’s not because of material but because I found someone who makes me smile and be happy with just simple words like: “Goodmornig beautiful”.. This type of words can change the behavior of a person for an entire day.. Actions do speak louder than words but it wouldn’t kill anyone if someone wrote to that special person such a message.. Everyone deserves to be happy in their live and not everyone finds the person to be happy with, so if you do don’t let them escape, save them tight.. Because if you don’t, someone, someday, will come and show you that she/him was worth the fight and the time..


What is your decision?

A year ago I would’ve never pictured my life the way it’s now.. In a year a lot of things can change, people change, the world changes.. I personally discovered things that I never thought possible.. And it’s still the beginning of the year, I’m afraid just of the thought that more things can change.. A new year just started and that means that I’m going to go through a new adventure.. Who knows what the adventure will be, or if it’s going to end well, but I want to take that chance.. Because life is made to live it to the maximum.. No regrets! When you make a decision you have to stick to that decision until the end, against everything and everyone.. Everyone needs to make mistakes in their life to grow up.. And this is my life. So my decisions and mistakes.. You don’t like it, not my problem you’re not me.. And I don’t wake up everyday to make you happy.. Everyone needs to make their own decisions in life.. What is your decision? What will you do in this new year?