Summer fun..

Is summer made to study? No! Is summer made to have fun? Yes! Is summer made to brake some rules? Sure why not. Summer as the song says you need to live “young, wild and free”… Friends, family, beach time, party time, all that is made to do in summer, then in winter is for other things.. No one should take that away! Summer is the time of the year where everyone can relax, where everyone can take a brake and have fun, because summer is only once every year and it only lasts two or three months.


How people should feel about themselves

My way of seeing things is so different from others.. Yeah I’m different, so that’s bad?? No!! Being different means being special in your own way.. The way I see life is that if you copy people is because you don’t have your own personality, or your way of being. But when you don’t copy that’s the person everyone wants to see, a confident strong girl/boy that everyone is proud of.. That’s how everyone should be proud of even yourself.