Summer Fling

Usually summer flings don’t go further than summer, but sometimes they do last.. Love doesn’t have a period of time, love was always there or it never existed at all… I wonder why do people say summer flings and normal love? At the end of the day isn’t it the same thing?


Being the new girl

Being the new girl always sucks… And it’s so much worse when it’s summer, there’s no way u’ll find friends and enjoy summer at the same time! Poor me in the middle of the summer with no friends and nothing to do cuz everything involves two people. What can a girl my age do by herself in a town she barely knows??

Finding the perfect home

Who would of thought that finding a home was so hard? And even finding the PERFECT home! There’s so many places to look and not so much time.. The city is so big and there’s so much to discover but not so many places for me 😦 Have you ever asked yourself why is it always us that have to look for things and not the thing at us??