Why does love has to be so painful? Why does love has to be so hard? Those are the types of questions we ask ourselves each day and we’ll never know why. But for me this is what love really is. This is a song I wrote but it can also be used as quotes…

“Love isn’t easy, love isn’t hard, love is completely, something you heard”. “Can’t find the right words, to describe how I fell, love is like air, you don’t know when it’s there”. “Love is a feeling, greater than sky, love is everything, if you’re there by my side”. “There’s no feelings, there’s no harm, there’s just one thing, my broken heart”. “Why does it hurt?, why is it so bad?, why can’t I find?, my way back”. “We have love , deep inside, don’t know when, don’t know how, but some day, it will all come out”. “Is it love? Is it hope? Or is it something, we wished for?

When I wrote this song it made me understand what I was feeling for my family and friends.  This song describes what love really is.


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