Summer is the most important thing for teenagers, because for us its like: summer, no pain, no school, no worries just fun!!! Summer is the moment where everyone can forget of who they were or what they did and just become someone better… Some people use YOLO, which means You Only Live Once, as their motivation. As others use SUMMER as their motivation.. Summer is all about having fun and not worrying about a thing cuz every little thing is gonna be alright..




Why does love has to be so painful? Why does love has to be so hard? Those are the types of questions we ask ourselves each day and we’ll never know why. But for me this is what love really is. This is a song I wrote but it can also be used as quotes…

“Love isn’t easy, love isn’t hard, love is completely, something you heard”. “Can’t find the right words, to describe how I fell, love is like air, you don’t know when it’s there”. “Love is a feeling, greater than sky, love is everything, if you’re there by my side”. “There’s no feelings, there’s no harm, there’s just one thing, my broken heart”. “Why does it hurt?, why is it so bad?, why can’t I find?, my way back”. “We have love , deep inside, don’t know when, don’t know how, but some day, it will all come out”. “Is it love? Is it hope? Or is it something, we wished for?

When I wrote this song it made me understand what I was feeling for my family and friends.  This song describes what love really is.

Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy. I’ve always had trouble leaving people. Why does it has to be so hard? Even if I know I’ll see them again its never the same. But now saying goodbye to people you know you’ll never see again and them being a great part of you life… I don’t want to do anything but cry in the moment where you’re leaving. Those people never make it easier because they tell you that they want and need you here by their side all the time. My heart breakers into million of pieces.


Is happiness the most important thing? Yes. Because without hippiness in your life you’ll be miserable.. Does happiness come from money and materials? NO. Happiness has to come from you, from the people who loves you and are happy near you. Sure you can buy things to make you happy at a point but that happiness will not make you happy forever.. People who say their happy with a car or cloth, their just fulling themselves, happiness comes from the heart, not the place you are or the things who surround you but the people you’re with.


If people don’t like you let them hate.. They love to make other people miserable just for fun but there is no reason why you should let them get to you.. Just let them know that, show them that you’re not afraid! When things like this happen to me at first I would let it get to me but not now. I’ve got stronger thanks to those nasty people and everyone should too. Don’t worry because those people will never have real friends, people who love them, they are trying to make us suffer for their pain and that is not how it works! If you want to make someone miserable let it be themselves, why should we pay for their mistakes and pains??

Do You Feel Invisible?

Have you ever thought that you’re invisible to people? I do. Sometimes when I talk its like I’m not even there, and it bothers me a lot.. Why do people have to be to rude, if they don’t want to talk to you just say so, because when you don’t say what you feel or think about someone else and after they find out, that the bad part. Or when you ask a question they don’t answer back just because they don’t feel like it.  “If you like me good, if you don’t who cares, I don’t wake up everyday to impress you, but at least say it to me not everyone else!!”

My Actual Life

My life seems amazing but there’s always missing something. I just can’t find what it is… I’ve traveled almost all around the world and not for fun. I’ve never been in a school for more than 3 years and I am a teenager.. Its fun to visit and meet new places but can I just finish high school in one school?? I love to travel but sometimes its enough!